Independence, Louisiana

Crazy Streets

Burke Ingraffia

Independence, Louisiana

  1. Crazy Streets

B.I.-vocals, rhy. guitar, C.P.-drums, J. Gros-keys, D. Hyde-bass, J. Yamagishi-lead guitar


Crazy Streets crazy streets we got crazy streets crazy streets you never hit two green lights in a row stop and go we got one speed we got one speed slow crazy streets crazy streets pot holes the size of craters on the Crescent City moon easy on the accelerator get yourself some break shoes crazy streets crazy streets there’s no left turn on Tulane Avenue what’cha gonna do? Three 3 3 rights is all that’s left to do crazy streets crazy streets take a right take a left take a guess place your bet we should all be good at chess north is east and south is west crazy streets crazy streets the shortest distance between two points will never be a line you can always get there quicker past the Blue Plate sign don’t hit a streetcar don’t hit a streetcar don’t hit a streetcar up on St. Charles and Lowerline.