Throwing Shadows at the Sun

Four-Leaf Clover

Burke Ingraffia

Throwing Shadows at the Sun

  1. Four-Leaf Clover


The steelers stole the stars from the Ohio Valley skies.
You see a flicker through the factory dust – then it dies.
But I can still make a wish, I may, I might
Find away to run off with you to a corner of the night.
I’ll take my magic carpet, bucket seats, it’s built for two
And see the world so beautiful as if to mirror you.
Shoes and eyes and bluejeans, you and me – all perfect pairs.
Two old friends on their front porch rocking in their rocking chairs.

I won’t be throwing shadows, throwing shadows at the sun.
Here’s to good luck, here’s tomorrow, ‘till tomorrow has begun
If I could give to you a rainbow, I’d be the lucky one.

I wish I could tell the future, but the prophet is a fool.
He’s shunned and scorned and begins to believe their ridicule.
But he sees a cool bright morning and begins to write a song
About something he can’t believe is so delicate and so strong.
Hello four-leaf clover, I was thinking about you today –
A queen and a nine, nineteen, I think you should stay.
It’s been about a month now, and you know I’m still the same.
Now you’re in the Badlands, and they have to change the name.

The steelers stole the stars from the Ohio Valley skies,
But that’s OK, I still know a way to dream when I close my eyes.
I finally figured out the way you do that thing you do –
I heard the word from a ladybug that four-leaf clovers look for you.