Throwing Shadows at the Sun CD cover

Tumble Dry

Burke Ingraffia

Throwing Shadows at the Sun

  1. Tumble Dry


Dirty things all come out in the wash; dirty minds don’t understand
That thirty kings could not foot the bill to wash the sins from another man.
In my life I have been forgiven more times now than I even know.
I’m just a baby, and the world is my bathtub.
When I get out I want clean clothes.

All the cycles through which I’ve been:
Everything from delicate, normal, rinse, and spin.
Even still I will sometimes stumble by –
That’s OK I have to tumble dry.

Sometimes you skimp on detergent so later on you have to use bleach.
Just as long as you separate light from dark (ness)
Everything else is within reach.

As I left the cleaners they said, “One thing before you leave –
We tried our best, but we couldn’t get your heart out of the sleeve.”

Twenty-six – that’s twelve months at a time –
Twenty-five cents for another twelve minutes
Sometimes it gets hot, and you have to keep spinning
And hope they don’t take you out before you’re finished.