What Lies Ahead

Song by Burke Ingraffia

Throwing Shadows at the Sun CD cover

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Singer / Songwriter


Lies ahead what lies ahead,
And it all works out for the best.
Lies ahead what lies ahead;
Look at me – I’m lies ahead of the rest.

Time again, it’s time again –
Some would call it inventory.
Time again, it’s time again –
Time to go on up to the second story

I have heard that youth is wasted on the young
But I’ve sent spies who return to plead the case is:
Wisdom’s wasted on the wise.

Take a spin, oh, take a spin,
And it looks like the mountains are shifting.
But look again, oh, look again –
Can’t you see that it’s you that is drifting?

Sometimes I try, and I count all my blessings,
But I don’t have the fingers or the toes.
So I dwell on the one that is pressing –
I take a deep breath and just let it go.

Still I know some quiet places. Still I can take home the prize.
I’m so close I almost taste it – I’ve just got to watch my lies ahead.