Waves Album Cover

Above and Below

Burke Ingraffia


  1. Above and Below

Below the top of the river
Rushing by on three sides
Water above the weather
In the time of Pistol Pete
I was only knee-high

You go left or right,
you end up where you started
Walk around the globe
you walk around the globe
Maybe forgot why you parted
Forward and back, the same thing goes
But up and down are two directions
Reach up your hands
from the tips of your toes
And you’ll find on further inspection
Above and below

Purple, black, and gold, and green
The chemo and the ketamine
My father and my mother
They were stronger than the cancer
Back up off the street
the band is coming through
Watch your hand when you reach down
for that doubloon …In the Book of Genesis
The waters above and below were split
But there’s a place God must have missed
No mistake, must have missed

The rising river and the falling rain
Evaporate into the air again …


Burke Ingraffia: guitar and vocals
Johnny Vidacovich: drums
James Singleton: bass
Dave Easley: pedal steel guitar
John Gros: organ
Michael Skinkus: percussion
Johnette Downing: background vocals