Waves Album Cover

Change of Heart

Burke Ingraffia


  1. Change of Heart


Oh, the rain, it won’t stop
The sky is dark and gray
I could be sad at every drop
But instead I found a way

To clear and dissipate it
To make the rain clouds part
It’s not that complicated
It just takes a change of heart

Behind your eyes are sunny skies
Trying to peek through
You will find a light that shines
On a world renewed

The rain, it won’t stop
But I knew right from the start
I cannot change the weather
But I can have a change of heart

Between your ears
Your perspective clears
All the shades of gray
I heard a rumor that a little humor
Can scare the lightning away

Oh, why have you never seen this?
You’ve always been so smart
But it doesn’t take a genius
It just takes a change of heart

Burke Ingraffia: guitar and vocals
Tim Laughlin: clarinet