Waves Album Cover

Free Again

Burke Ingraffia


  1. Free Again

Tom headed north towards the bear in the sky
with everything he owned and his foot on the gas.
He said, “I’ve got a rear view mirror so life won’t pass me by,
but I’m looking toward the future not the past.”

We all make mistakes, but you can break
the chains somehow.
It’s not too late to change your fate if you can hear me now.

You can be free again
You can be free again
You can be free again
You can be free again

Jenny had a job that she hated.
The question to quit came up quite often.
Everyday she felt so unappreciated,
and her cubicle felt like a practice coffin.

But one day she said “I’m more than this, and now I understand.
This job is only what I do, it isn’t who I am.” …

I once knew a woman — she was a faithful wife.
Then her husband found another half his age.
She said “For years and years I felt I was a prisoner of my life,
until I found forgiveness was the key to the cage.” …

Burke Ingraffia: guitar and vocals
Johnny Vidacovich: drums
James Singleton: bass
Dave Easley: pedal steel guitar