Burke Ingraffia, Yasmin Williams, and Frank Hogans (In the Round)

Reston, VA, US

Time 7:00 PM
Café Montmartre 1625 Washington Plaza Lake Anne, Reston, VA 20190, US

Enjoy unique, pleasant listening room concert evenings of original songs, old favorites, and everything in between from a variety of accomplished acts, including winners of The Songwriters’ Association of Washington’s annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and other contests, ranging from local to internationally touring acts, plus up-and-coming discoveries.
Find many of the artists online before the show. $10 or more suggested donation at the door — honor system — goes to the performers. SAW and MASC are worldwide nonprofits. Check out the excellent French-Viet menu, full bar menu, helpful directions, and more at CafeMontmartre.com

Three brilliantly creative winners of SAW’s MASC take turns sharing songs with us. After a dozen songs, there will be a brief intermission, followed by a few more songs from each performer to complete the showcase evening. Drum roll, please:

Yasmin WilliamsFrank Hogans — Burke Ingraffia

A guitar pull:  A few musicians sit together and take turns presenting songs. Originating with country music in the south, there might traditionally be only one guitar to be shared or “pulled” from one musician’s hands to the next. You may also hear the terms song swap, in the round, or round robin. And yes, we welcome other instruments too. Sound by Kevin Trung Le. Produced by Ron Goad [email protected]