Independence, Louisiana

Pirate’s Play

Burke Ingraffia

Independence, Louisiana

  1. Pirate’s Play

(B.I.-vocals; C.P.-drums,  D. Acosta-guitar, D. Ellington-piano; D. Hyde-fretless bass, M. Skinkus-percussion)


I am a pirate, and I’ve come in from the storm. I’ve spent my whole life fighting but the winds I can’t disarm, but if you grant me a drink to keep me warm I will tell to you a story true, but like me it’s tired and worn.  Not long ago, I held the Southern Sea, but Capt. David Porter came running after me.  I had to leave my crew, had to hide out with the Picaroons, but once those robbers found out my price tag I was on the move. And you take, and you take, and you take all that you can, and you make out like a pirate – he’s just an ordinary man.  One warm night our guard was either down or just plain lazy when from the stern and starboard side there cam the Spanish Navy. They turned their side to fire, and the water found the holes. We had to leave the sinking ship with all the things that we had stole.  When I awoke, I was warm and dry. A woman found me lying there as she was passing by. She said, “I see you are a pirate, sir.  That too is my trade.”  “But you haven’t got a ship,” I said, “so tell me what’s your pirate’s play?”