Throwing Shadows at the Sun CD cover

Is the Wind Wanting?

Burke Ingraffia

Throwing Shadows at the Sun

  1. Is the Wind Wanting?


I know a woman – she spends her whole day cooking.
She can make chili like I’ve never known.
Down the street I’m working, I know when it’s ready
‘Cause the smell will float in on a breeze that has blown.

Is the Wind Wanting? It blows on forever.
It carries a dreamer away to a friend.
On a night so enchanting, we’ll get swept into laughter
And songs about Texas that we can sing again.

I’ve got a buddy – he spends his whole day fishing.
There’s no better way for him to spend time.
Sometimes it’s choppy, and though they’re not biting,
He says, “Bad day for fishing, but the wind is just fine.”

Sometimes you hear it howling afar, just like an old coyote.
And just when you think you can put it in a jar, along comes Don Quioxte.

I’ve seen a baby in the arms of his daddy
Walking through the grass at the Gulf of Mexico.
As the ships were passing he whispered to his boy,
“Sail away Sweetheart, and let the wind blow.”