Throwing Shadows at the Sun CD cover

Mirror People

Burke Ingraffia

Throwing Shadows at the Sun

  1. Mirror People


Standing in front of my own reflection, I blinked my eyes and was gone for awhile.
Lost my defenses and my sense of direction down to the days of the telephone dial.

Some say a mirror is the devil’s window, and vanity will make you nuts.
Just remember when it’s your neck on the line that vampires always get bad haircuts.

See into me – I’ll see into you. Facing each other ‘till the rest of the world is gone.
We are mirror people – so what comes between us can see itself go on and on.

Objects may be closer than they appear, but that’s only when you’re looking behind you.
All I want is to have you near, and never let it be said that I tried to bind you.

Light will shed on me for you, Dear, it covers the ceiling the walls and the floors
So that when you wake up to find I’m not here
You can remember that it’s you I adored.