Custom Made Songs

Would you like for me to write a song for you? Maybe you’d like a love song to give as a gift. Perhaps there’s a funny situation that you’d like to share with others in the form of a song.

Depending on your budget and turnaround time, I will write, compose, and produce a 3-minute song for you with various instruments.* You will receive a download of a high-quality MP3 file of the song for your personal use.

For commercial jingles, please contact me.

Please fill out the form below to provide details about the song you would like to have and your email address so that I may contact you personally for more details.

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*NOTE: I, Burke Ingraffia, will retain all publishing and author ownership of the song I write for you. This is not a “Work for Hire.” This offer is to produce a song that you want to exist in the world, will get a copy of for yourself, and will be part of my own catalog.