Cedar Mountain

As a young boy and back again for several years as a counselor, I spent many summers in Cedar Mountain, North Carolina at a camp named Camp High Rocks. It is a beautiful place with the best people you’ll ever know, founded by Sumner (“Mr. Will”) and Jane Williams. Recently I was reminded about how much I really love the place and the friends I made there and wrote this song.

Mr. Will you tell the old stories again
The ones you heard a long time ago
Sitting by the campfire with family and friends
Guitar songs and sing-a-longs we all know

Bring me back to Cedar Mountain
Up the steep and winding Carolina road
Where summer lasts forever
And good friends just get better
My memories will always have a home

Through the morning mist I hear my footsteps
The horses are all waiting on their hay
As the sun peeks through you know I would bet
We’ll head out on the trail to spend the day


After noon we’ll go jump off the rope swing
Maybe take a boat out on the lake
I can hear the supper bell a-ring and ring
The sign says “Take what you want, but eat what you take”


Friday night we clean up to go dancing
The caller he calls out the Virginia Reel
Reach out your arm, and swing your partner
The young ladies take our hearts but never steal


The old folks don’t come down from Cedar Mountain
They love the gentle birdsong more than fine
Sumner’s got his paddle, and Jane is in the Saddle
Riding on a painted horse named Time


Mr. Will you tell the old stories again